Why You Should Have a Personal Statement (And How to Write One)

Skylar Wooden and Katie Butler

December 10, 2017

Our December Flourish Roundtable focused on personal branding. Highlighting this event, we asked participants to write their personal statements. Something about putting pen to paper makes ideas concrete. Don’t you think? It’s motivating to see your statement on paper to help you learn more about yourself and your mission. Think of the personal statement as a business’ mission statement; telling the world what you do, and why.

As for the roundtable, a table of women developing their personal brands is as motivating as it gets.

Second image from December Flourish Roundtable event
Fourth image from December Flourish Roundtable event

Why should you write your own statement? How do you write your own statement?

Why Write a Personal Statement

Any time you focus on yourself is time well spent. Becoming more self-aware and really knowing who you are is invaluable. Understanding what you love, why you do what you do, and what drives you will keep you centered. This is always a good way to know if you’re on track.

For businesses, mission statements tell the world what they do and why. Businesses write statements because it helps them stay the course. It helps them see what they want and what they don’t. It’s a resource that allows a business, or in this case a person, to check in. When you’re wrestling with a big decision, you can refer back to your statement and think about how that decision aligns with your mission.

How to Write a Personal Statement

  1. Choose 5 to 10 words you would like to include in your statement. These can be: your profession, your passion, adjectives that describe you, etc.
  2. Describe yourself in 2 to 4 sentences. When you boil it down, what do you love? What drives you? What do you value? What kind of a person are you trying to attract to your business or to yourself?
  3. Read the statement and decide if that fits. If not, tweak and edit until you are satisfied with the way you’ve represented yourself.

Pro tip: This is just your first draft. Know that your personal branding statement will change over time. The key is to just write something, and then go from there.

Example Personal Statement

Words to be included: CPA, Career Coach, Professional Development, Networking, Analytical, Positive, Community Centered

Statement: My title is CPA, but my passion is professional development and coaching. My community-centered mindset is what drives my desire to network with like-minded individuals. I enjoy meeting and working with positive, analytical, and forward-thinking people like myself.

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We find this to be many things: a mindfulness practice, an analytical activity, and a personal resource for whatever it is that you do.

Do you have a personal statement you’d like to share?

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