Three Ways to Get Involved Without Killing Your Time

Skylar Wooden and Katie Butler

October 17, 2016

We’ve been searching for our potential, as 20 somethings do. Not knowing what you’re capable of is both exhilarating and unsettling. We know. We’re right there with you. We have steady jobs that pay the bills, but we’re uncomfortably aware that there is more. But how do you find the ‘more’?

Do your best at your day job, but don’t give it all of yourself. Give back. Find out which fires generosity can ignite in your motivation.

Volunteering is an act of pure generosity. You’re donating your skill, your time, your patience. These enriching experiences give you the valuable opportunity of personal development. You have the ability to help others, while also finding out who you are, what you want to do, and what motivates you.

But while giving so much of your life to your responsibilities, who has time to do nonprofit work? You. We know you’re tired. So are we. Too much of the time. But, volunteer and nonprofit work doesn’t have to consume your life.

Here are three ways you can give back without killing all of your free time, and examples of how we’ve done it:

1. Take advantage of existing opportunities.

Most companies are already involved in some type of charity work; odds are, they need more employees involved. Ask your employer if there is an opportunity for you.

Less commonly, many companies allow their employees to volunteer a certain number of hours per month, without counting against work time. Understanding all of your options is a great start.

2. Work in the nonprofit industry.

Whatever it is that you do—Technical Writer, Accountant, Realtor, Engineer, etc.—a nonprofit is out there that needs your skills.

Nonprofit organizations need employees like you.

3. Sponsored charity events.

Finally, sponsored charity events are a great way to contribute your time and/or money for a specific, short amount of time. These events are all over your town. Sponsored festivals, 5ks, meals, etc. allow you to contribute without overextending yourself.  

If you have only one hour to spare, there is no small amount of time when it comes to benefiting others.

In the search for ways to fulfill your potential (whatever that may mean to you), we urge you to look at nonprofit work as a tool. Strive to find the person you want to be.

Ways that we’ve added nonprofit work to our lives include volunteering to serve on a board of directors and fundraise, attending nonprofit conferences, maintaining GoFundMe pages for local charities, and networking with other professionals in the nonprofit world.

Look for our next post where we will provide some helpful tips on networking and how you can use it to your advantage.

In the meantime, what are your favorite organizations and what cause do they support? How will you incorporate giving back to your community into your hectic schedule?

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