3 Reasons You Should Form a Partnership

Skylar Wooden and Katie Butler

September 03, 2017

Sometimes, life is hard, ya know? There are days when you find yourself just a little…off. Those are the days when you walk into work, your side gig, your passion project, or home, happy to see someone else to help you out.

Pare and Flourish is a partnership. We have a delicate balance of duties. And by delicate, we mean, chaotic. But we are always grateful to share the responsibilities with someone.

Partnering with someone has several benefits. Read on to learn three of our favorite benefits of entering into this partnership.

Two Heads are Better Than One

You’ve heard this saying your entire life. It’s true, but you have to experience it to believe it. It can be tempting to keep something all to yourself. We sometimes protect our ideas as if someone helping would make the idea less ours, less of an accomplishment even.

On the contrary, having someone to bounce ideas off of makes for the best ideas. Your partner keeps you in check, and inspires you to dream a little. He or she may take your idea one step ahead of where you were willing to go. Having this person pushing your boundaries gives you the drive to push a little yourself.

It’s Easier to Manage and Keeps You Sane

Running a business is hard; even when it’s only a side gig. Decisions have to be made. Clients and customers have to be discussed. Social media marketing has to be posted. When you go it alone, it’s a lot to manage on your own. Having someone that you can depend on can make your job much easier.

When you have less time work on your business, your partner may have more, and vice versa. This balance will help you stay on track and help both of you feel less overwhelmed. You can rest easy knowing that your busy weeks will not tank your business’ progression.

The same concept applies at home. A spouse or partner can have a major impact on how you handle the day to day. When you have less time to clean or do laundry, your partner may have more, meaning your house won’t be overtaken by dirty dishes while you’re needed elsewhere.

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You Can Divide and Conquer

Partnering with someone allows you to focus on your strengths, and delegate your weaknesses. Whether you are at home or at work, evaluating what you and the other person do well and learning to compensate for the rest will help achieve your overall goal.

When choosing your partner, choose someone who complements you. If you’re both experts at social media, great, but who’s going to write your website content? Not that someone ever has only one skill, but you get the idea. You’ll knock down more obstacles if you’re attacking challenges from multiple angles.

Why do you form a partnership? Is it to maintain a sense of sanity? Or, maybe, so you can delegate your weaknesses?

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