The Unexpected Benefits of a Three-Day Weekend

Skylar Wooden and Katie Butler

September 10, 2017

After the three-day weekend, we’re feeling great. An extra day without work is what dreams are made of. We had the usual benefits of staying home on a Monday, like extra sleep…always extra sleep. There were also a few unexpected benefits.

We started our Tuesday feeling…

Well Rested (Mentally)

For obvious reasons—the sleep—we came back feeling well rested on Tuesday. Although, it wasn’t just sleep that contributed to our bright-eyed and bushy tailed demeanor. Stepping away from work activities and being present with our personal lives brought back the calm of home life. We were able to turn off work brain, which possibly did more for our mental health than the actual, physical rest.

We hope you also gave yourself a break from work thought. The stress of thinking about work comes from thinking of what you need to do. Give yourself a break. You’re one person. One person who deserves to step away and think about yourself, not your day job.

Excited About New Perspective

The members of the Pare and Flourish team are rarely in the same room at the same time. Finally, the holiday weekend gave us that chance. We mentioned before that we turned off our “work brain,” and we meant it. Thinking about our company without framing it as “work” was a powerful tool.

We have our most meaningful conversations over dinner and drinks because we aren’t thinking about what’s working and what isn’t—something we spend all week thinking about. We’re thinking about our hopefully-not outlandish hopes and we’re writing down new goals. It gave us a chance to put everything into perspective and look at the venture in a different way.

An extra day can do wonders for your outlook.


An extra day allows you the time to catch up on refinishing the cabinets, cleaning the house, reading, and anything else you’ve been neglecting for work. Each member of the P&F team did one or more of those activities. These are activities that would have been done during our busy weeks, but doing these things with our extra time made us more prepared for the week, fueling the previous two benefits.

We all have those projects we need to do. The ones that stare at you while you ignore them because you’re too tired from working. Starting the week having done at least one of those projects improves your week tremendously.


Rest, perspective, and preparedness gave us the best gift: motivation. We get sidetracked. Whether that is by our lives or our day jobs, we sometimes lose focus and need a three-day weekend to reassess and realign. Ideas and productivity have been flowing ever since. We’re excited for the direction the business is growing and can’t wait to share that growth with you.

What did the three-day weekend do for you?

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