Pitching Your Professional Brand: A Guide for Introverts

Skylar Wooden and Katie Butler

February 20, 2017

If you identify as an introvert, it can be challenging to get your name out there and pitch your brand. You have the potential to be a serious asset to an organization. Unfortunately, they won’t discover you if they can’t find you (because you’re on the couch in a blanket fort watching a series you’ve already seen 20 times). We’ve all been there…and are still there often, if we’re being honest. Everything in moderation, right?

You may not like actively pitching yourself to professionals around you. Many people don’t. We’ve found a few ways that seem less intimidating:

Introduce Yourself to Someone New

Have you ever walked down the hall and realized you have no idea who you just walked by? It’s time to introduce yourself. Introducing yourself to someone new can help you expand your network, and ultimately help your reputation.

It might sound awkward to seek this person out. After all, if you’re introverted, you likely let others approach you first. Don’t let that stop you. Even if you have nothing to say other than “Hi, I don’t think we’ve met,” that’s fine; the conversation will carry itself from there.

Ask Someone to Lunch

You have everything to gain from going to lunch with a colleague. Whether it’s someone above you and you learn from them, or someone below you and you help them grow—you’re letting people see what you’re about.

If you’re looking for a direct result from this conversation, use this time to share something you’ve learned lately or ask for constructive feedback. If that sounds like a bit much for your lunch hour, use it to get to know the other person on a personal level. Understanding your coworkers as more than just “Dave from the Sales Department” will give you insight on how best to work with them in the future.

Offer to Work a Networking Event

Working at a networking event is a great way to pitch yourself. You have the opportunity to sit back, observe, and approach someone who seems approachable to you. You also have an opportunity to let people approach you. Luckily, because you’re there to facilitate, people will easily approach you to ask questions—taking the pressure off of you. Relax, be yourself, and see what works.

When someone asks questions about you or what you do, have a few ideas in mind of what you want them to know. Four topics to keep in mind:

  • Your profession
  • What you specialize in
  • What you’re interested in doing
  • What motivates you.

Don’t forget to give them your business card!

Example: (after the initial introduction) “I’m a Business Development Freelance Writer specializing in policy & procedure documents and employee handbooks. I am interested in helping small business grow by creating their necessary documentation. Here is my business card with my website at skylarwrites.com. Please pass it on if you meet anyone I can help.”

The more you pitch yourself, the more naturally your pitch will flow. Putting together a solid pitch will let the listener know exactly who you are and what you have to offer.

Join a Referral Group

Joining a referral group allows you to meet A LOT of new people. A referral group is a group of people who meet regularly to talk about what kind of business they’re looking for. The group is made up of several people from different industries. The purpose of the group is to refer people to the group members. For example, if your group includes a contractor and someone mentions that they need work done on their house, you refer them to the contractor in your group.

The good thing about a referral group is that everyone is working toward the same common goal: developing their professional brand. This gives you the opportunity to let others help you pitch yourself. The confidence your group members have in you will help boost your own confidence. It may be just what you need to grow your career.

Pitching your professional brand is never finished. You can always grow. These tips can be done in baby steps or giant leaps, depending on what you need. There are people out there who need exactly what you do. Go find them! Not in an aggressive scary way, of course. You still need your couch days; we do too.

Do you have a branding tip that works for you? Let us know in the comments!

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