New Year New Network: Networking Challenge

Skylar Wooden and Katie Butler

January 09, 2017

Networking can be challenge-ing (see what we did there?). Bad jokes aside, it’s difficult to actively network. Not because the activity is difficult, but because it feels like something that should always happen organically. Organic interactions are ideal of course, but situations aren’t always going to present themselves.

This year, let’s start our professional development out right. Here’s our 10-step networking challenge! We’ll be following you every step of the way. Follow our upcoming posts to conquer this challenge. So, if you’d like to join, we invite you to do one step per week. Totally manageable, right?

  1. Invite 10 new people to connect on LinkedIn (and connect with us!).
  2. Research three conferences in your field and sign up to attend at least one within the next year.
  3. Create a Levo account (and connect with us!).
  4. Introduce yourself to someone you haven’t met at your office.
  5. Ask a supervisor to go to lunch with you.
  6. Offer to represent your company at a networking event.
  7. Volunteer at a non-profit organization.
  8. Sign up to go to a networking luncheon.
  9. Join a networking group in your area.
  10. Sign up for our FREE cover letter template and submit it with your next resumé!

Do you think you can complete all 10 challenges?

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