Networking: Why You Should Never Stop

Skylar Wooden and Katie Butler

June 11, 2017

Networking is a resource people often realize the need only when they need it; however, building your network requires you to continually make an effort. Staying ahead of the game will come in handy when you’re ready to change jobs, start a volunteer opportunity, or ask advice about your next venture. When this seems like an overwhelming tasks, think of your goals and remember that you may need help climbing your ladder.

Or let us do the thinking for you…

Here are a few reasons you will benefit from constantly making connections:

Changing Your World View

Networking can give you a more diverse perspective of your world. It gives you the ability to continually shape your interests and goals; perhaps, it will help you realize interests and goals you didn’t know you had.

You can use networking as a way to meet professionals of other backgrounds. Everyone has a story; they’re all different from yours, and you have everything to learn from each of them.

Pro tip: Look outside of your circle to find the inspiration you need to meet your next goal.

Opening the Door to Getting Involved

If being involved in your community is important to you, it’s imperative to realize that you can find new volunteer opportunities through your network. Let your contacts know what causes you’re passionate about. They could recommend you to open committee and board positions.

Better yet, maybe the organization you’re currently involved in could use new members. Networking is a good way to get to know people and gauge who would be a good fit to help your nonprofit grow to help a larger group.

Seamlessly Transitioning Between Careers

There is a certain comfort that comes from knowing where your next job could be, if something were to change with your current position. Career changes can come wanted and planned for or the opposite. In either circumstance, these transitions can be much easier if you know people who can help find openings that you wouldn’t otherwise know about. It’s also nice to have some to vouch for you, if you’ve maintained that relationship.

Growing your Freelance Business

Networking allows you to pursue and develop your side hustle—maybe your main hustle. Either way, a freelancing career is built on networking in the beginning. Obtaining clients requires you reach out and cold call/email. Having a solid network can help you get your business up and running by giving you a foot in the door.

Keep up the networking, team! What other benefits have you received from networking?

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