Levo: What is it and What Can it do for You?

Skylar Wooden and Katie Butler

February 06, 2017

Levo is like LinkedIn’s fun sibling. Its platform is professional at heart, while emphasizing your personal flare. Relatable. Helpful. Attractive. It’s everything you didn’t know you wanted in a professional networking site.

Levo wants to “showcase the real you.” Your profile prompts you to not list job responsibilities, but rather to explain why you love what you do. Instead of using a logo for a company photo, you’re free to post a picture of your adorable coworkers dressed as Alice in Wonderland characters.

Choosing your colors and pictures is oddly reminiscent of building your MySpace profile, in only the best ways, of course. Levo gives you a space to be who you are, without throwing professionalism out the door.

You’re More than Your Job Title

At times, we identify ourselves by our professions. Levo lets us identify by our lives in a well-rounded approach. You’re able to discuss your accomplishments alongside photos of your recent trip to Greece, explaining how traveling has changed your perspective.

You’re never just a CPA, or a Writer, or an Engineer. You’re so much more.

Professional Development at your Fingertips

Stay at the top of your game by learning more about your industry. Levo gives you access to its best digital learning events. You can view weekly expert webinars, learning the skills you need to advance. Find those events here. https://www.levo.com/learn

By subscribing to Levo through your profile, you’ll receive their blog articles in your inbox. The articles offer the latest career advice, with a relatable angle like 11 Signs You’re the Workplace Unicorn. Levo lets its users explore their creative side, their talents, and their paths.

Face-to-Face Networking

Levo also offers local events. It has 30 chapters across the US, Canada, and Europe. You can search for your city, or a city near you, to meet up with career-driven professionals like yourself. Each chapter meets regularly to network, attend events, and listen to lectures. If there isn’t one in your area, start your own! Email Levo to start your own chapter.

Explore Career Paths

By asking you questions like “What inspires you?” “What are your natural talents?” and “What job would you love?” Levo helps make your dream career a reality.

If you’re feeling lost, as we all do at times, there’s a guide for that too. Advice for your inspired career path is at your fingertips with the site’s guides, apps, and advice from established professionals.

Levo allows you to easily hone in on your professional brand. The website helps you perfect your online presence in three easy steps: 1. Tell your whole story. 2. Show off who you are. 3. Get noticed by the network. Start your Levo profile. Own your brand.

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