Introducing Pare and Flourish

Skylar Wooden and Katie Butler

October 03, 2016

This is the first of hopefully many blog entries to come - co-written by yours truly: Katie Butler and Skylar Wooden. We’ve discussed writing a blog for some time now. This came about after listening to some of our favorite podcasts: Millennial, The Lively Show, and Love Me. Inspired by their insight, we realized something: we, too, have valuable experiences to share.

Thanks to the internet, it’s fairly easy to find people you can relate to. We want to be those people for you. It is a personal mission of ours not to romanticize our lives, as is so often done in the age of social media.

You know the type. It’s probably your ex, an old coworker, or that friend you lost touch with. You feel lost in their version of reality. According to Facebook, they’ve just finished law school, met the love of their life, planned a wedding, are involved in their community, and wrote a book. What you don’t know, is that they spilled coffee on their shirt this morning and haven’t cleaned the kitty litter in two days.

So here we have a safe space. A space for the real, the authentic, and the genuine.

In this blog, you can expect first-hand accounts of our daily life struggles, how we’ve learned (so far) to become happy with the choices that we’ve made, and pieces of advice that we would like to have learned earlier on. You’ll find that we’ve made mistakes. You will also find what we’ve made of those mistakes. We hope that you apply our retrospection to your life, and come out ahead.

If you write the blog that you always wanted to write, but no one reads it, does it matter?

We want you, the reader, to know it matters. You have done something you have never done before, and each step in a direction that matters to you, matters.

This is a year of firsts for us. You’ll learn about plenty of our firsts in this blog. In fact, this blog is one of our big firsts for the year. We ask that you join us in our adventure. Try something new with us. If you have felt inspired by something new you’ve tried recently, we want to share that feeling of inspiration.

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