How to Follow up on Your Resume Submission

Skylar Wooden and Katie Butler

April 16, 2017

You’ve filled out your resume and submitted the application. Congrats! You’re ahead of your competition already by using a clean, easy-to-read resume. Now, it’s time to stay ahead of your competition—the follow up.

“Give them space,” you’ll think. While you’re giving the employer space, there are other applicants making themselves known.

Send the follow up. Always. After the application and after the interview. First, we’ll focus on the post-resume/application follow up.

Many questions come up while writing the email. Let’s take a guess:

  • When should I send the email?
  • What subject line do I use?
  • What salutation do I use?
  • What information do I include?
  • How do I close?

We’ve created a choose-your-own template for your follow-up email. This includes a list of subject lines, salutations, body text, and closings. You are able to review each list, select what applies to you, and piece it together into a professional, effective follow up email. Happy job hunting! If you have questions, please tweet them at @pareandflourish!

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