How to Fill Your Time with Happiness (Not Social Media)

Skylar Wooden and Katie Butler

October 01, 2017

Before you say “you’re sharing this on social media!”: yes, the irony isn’t lost on us.

More important than anything in your life: happiness. It’s a feeling we’re all chasing and something that is not always easy to find. We get that. Sometimes you’ll feel yourself in a rut. We’ve been there.

Your happiness is all about the positive focus and putting energy into what is positive for you. How do you get there? You focus on new avenues of happiness. Focusing on the negatives of your job, for example, may be a sign that you should venture into a new avenue.

Sometimes it is hard to know what else you could be doing with your time. The default these days seems to be social media. Let’s get ahead of that and find a more healthy avenue.

We know your schedule is busy, but what if you put that social media time into something that creates happiness for you?

What other things could you focus on to bring you happiness?

Your Hobbies

Are you an avid reader? Do you enjoy gardening? Or, maybe you’re a gamer? If these hobbies bring you happiness, maybe it’s time to incorporate them into your daily life. Having a hobby can be the creative outlet you need to unwind from the week, and put a smile on your face.

Here at Pare and Flourish, we enjoy reading and creative nonfiction writing; it’s what helps get us through the week. When we begin to feel like we haven’t spent enough time listening to our own needs, we delve into our hobbies. Centering with what we love helps us catch up on much-needed relaxation time.

Your Side Project

Do you blog? Are you building an app? Are you an artist? Whatever your side project, there is nothing like the satisfaction of seeing your passion come full circle. For us, P&F gives us something to work on that we feel good about.

You start from nothing, and then when you are done, you can show the world, or maybe just your partner, your finished product. Regardless, the feeling of creating on your own, and not only contributing to a company, is priceless.

We love the feeling of finishing a blog post. Writing articles has given us tangible and reachable deadlines, so we always feel productive. When we start a post, it’s often unclear how it will read. Once we work through that feeling and it’s done, the relief washes over us. We truly enjoy that moment.

Your Family

Family is so important to your happiness. Whether it is family in a traditional sense, or the family that you have created with your friends, they are the support system that picks you up.

When life gets a little hard, we like to reach out to our support system for help. They always know how to put things into perspective. Focus on keeping your friends and family close. They’ll be the fans you need to keep going, even when you feel like you can’t (especially when you feel like you can’t).


It’s no secret that the Pare and Flourish team loves to learn. At any given time, at least one person is taking a class. We love the fact that new skills and knowledge can be right at our fingertips.

Pushing ourselves to the limit when it comes to learning new things brings us happiness. We can watch ourselves grow into the people that we had previously only dreamed about.

Pro tip: Keep an eye out for classes in your community!

The Small Things

Sometimes a bad day is inevitable. It seems like the world will end no matter what you do. Those are the days you make sure to enjoy the small things in life. If you are concerned that something could really “ruin” your day, make a plan to find happiness. Make a plan to go to your favorite bakery or coffee shop. Or, plan a night to binge watch your favorite show. Whatever you can do to make your day a little better, plan to do it and focus on it when the day goes downhill.

We’ve learned that green tea cures most anything.

How do you create your own happiness?

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