How to Ask for a Raise, and Get It

Skylar Wooden and Katie Butler

August 20, 2017

You’re at a crossroads.

You know you can make a higher salary at another company, but you like where you are.

What if your current workplace will pay you more to stay right where you are? If you know you’re worth more (and you most likely are), you won’t lose anything by asking.

But…how? How do you ask for a raise without seeming greedy, entitled, and unorganized?


Do Your Research

The internet tells us everything, including the median salary of your position. You can even research the median salary for your specific area. Your understanding of what others in your field are paid will go a long way in knowing what number is appropriate to expect. Websites that can help you are:

Whether you’re using this research to know what you should be paid now or what you could be paid at your next job, knowledge is power.

When internet research just isn’t enough, ask someone you’re comfortable with about their salary. Be careful who you ask. Only take this route if you are absolutely comfortable with that person and you know they will not be offended by your frankness.

Have a Number in Mind | Be Ready to Negotiate

Thankfully, you’ve done your research. You know what you’re worth and you have a gameplan. Figure up a range of what you would like to make. If that range is $60,000 to $70,000, go in ready to ask for $70,000. Their instinct will be to immediately accept or immediately negotiate. Be prepared for both!

When negotiating, you have to remember that they will start at the their low point, therefore you owe it to yourself to start at your high point. By starting any lower, you could be costing yourself thousands of dollars.

Provide the Facts

Odds are, your leadership team is not aware of everything you do for your company to help it grow. They, like you, have a lot on their plates. Make this conversation easier for both parties by explaining exactly why you deserve this raise. It is beneficial to write these down, so you aren’t relying on memory during what can be a stressful conversation.

Pro Tip: Give tangible numbers that your boss can easily digest. For example, “I increased our web traffic last year by 30%.”

Be Confident

The act of confidence, is just that, an act. At least to start with. The phrase fake it ‘till you make it is a cliche for a reason. At this point you’ve done the research, and you’re prepared to negotiate for what you deserve. It is time to exude that confidence to prove it.

Ask any interviewer what makes a candidate stand out and the answer will revolve around confidence. It is often less about the technical skills and more about the ability to sell yourself. You can have all the smarts and abilities, but if you can’t pitch your own personal brand, how will anyone know?

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Have some tips for negotiating a raise?

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