How Changing Your Perspective Changes the Game

Skylar Wooden and Katie Butler

October 15, 2017

When you find yourself taking more detours than main roads, you begin to feel like your metaphorical life map is falling apart. Here you were with this really awesome life plan and now you’re watching it burn to the ground.

Whether it was the plan for the day, the week, or the year, you’re looking at the ashes of your once perfect plan thinking “if one more thing goes wrong…”

The thing about that end-of-your-rope attitude, is that it determines much more than you think. Yes, folks, we’re going to talk about perspective once again.

Pro tip: Success is often not determined by your wins, but how you face your losses.

How do we change our perspective when things are falling apart and we’re forced to take detours in our lives?

Take a Breath

It sounds too simple, but it works. The time it takes to take a deep breath will give you the time you need to process; to process what has happened, what your options are, and how you should proceed.

Your breathing time is also a good place to consider whether or not this changes your path. Do you find a way back onto your original course? Does this detour make way for a different plan?

You have the unique opportunity to reposition yourself.

your response determines the outcome.

We have power in every situation, regardless if we feel powerless. Our reaction to a situation drastically determines how it resolves. This is what makes the prior step (breathing) so important—you need time to decide on a reaction. Hint: If you react well, your detour is most likely to resolve well.

Look for the Silver Lining

A phrase the P&F team learned, and frequently uses, is “This is good because ____.” When a detour happens that we weren’t prepared for, we say this mantra and fill in the blank with whatever good we can pull from the situation. Even if the only good is that we learned a lesson, that’s still one positive takeaway.

The more positively you see your actions, the better you can feel about their effect on you. Maybe they stalled or changed your course of direction, but they also gave you something. You just have to find out what that something is by choosing to look for it.

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As always, our advice is that if you look at a situation positively, you will receive a positive outcome. We will continue to preach that for the rest of forever; we all need to be reminded from time to time.

How do you stay positive?

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